Some New Concepts of Eco-friendly Food Packaging Designs

In the eco-friendly food packaging industry, while most of the designers in how to make the appearance of food packaging more attractive, some designers are already going back to basics, conceiving ways to create more practical food packaging solutions with fewer materials.

The following will show 2 praiseworthy food packing designs

Coffee Sets

People are very familiar with coffee. A coffee fanatic food-packaging designer, who based on portable and recyclable angles to create a fantastic coffee package.

From the appearance, it can just be a cup-shaped kraft paper package. However, it is not difficult to find the ingenious design from material and function.

The whole package is made of food-grade waterproof kraft paper, which can be used to fill coffee powder as well as a cup for brewing hot coffee.

The design of the sealing part is multifunctional. It provides a good seal to the whole package, while the torn part can also be used as a stirring stick after water flushing. It is worth mentioning that the whole package is recyclable.

Eggs Boxes

This carton egg packaging design is different from the traditional plastic egg carton packing. Material is selected from high-quality Kraft paper with no plastic pollution.

The shape is designed by a simple hollow double triangular column. The triangular structure enhances the protection of the egg, and the quality of the eggs can be displayed.

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